Please click link above to see a PDF about my work around Pegwell.



Plants submerge tarmac.

Creeping waves of moss, stone crop, ivy,

Buddleia, in a gathering crescendo.

Colonisation in the cracks, stitching seams of cast concrete

Red shale, like Samian ware, terracotta warm, scattered between the orchid army

Asphalt meets sea,

oyster reefs tentatively embedding at this union

White shells

On bitumen black

Fragrance of fennel and chamomile

Parakeets wheeling, vivid green,

Circling parking bays, the launch pad,

the bridge to nowhere.


cats eye sockets

markers, bollards, eroded posts.

Dog roses and old man’s beard abut car park conifers

The roundabout a jasmine oasis

Cliff face hanging gardens

Return of the wild




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