In September last year I was commissioned by The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury to create an artwork with members of the public, to celebrate the library and museum collections at The Beaney. Between October and January I undertook workshops with diverse groups and was artist in residence at The Beaney in order to gather contributions for my newspaper, “The Beaney Broadsheet”. From January 24 to Ferbruary 8 “The Beaney Broadsheet” took over The Front Room at The Beaney and visitors were able to take away a newspaper as well as see “copy” documented on the walls of the space: they were also encouraged to add “breaking news” by making contributions themselves, through drawing/print/typewriter etc.

Three editions of The Beaney Broadsheet were published during the exhibition, with a final edition to be launched on May 1st to include contributions subsequent to the Front Room show. There is also an on-line version of the paper containing all the contributions received: please see