Images show “Quest”, exhibited at The Well, OSE, November 2017. Installation comprising bitumen painted wooden sledge, cuttlefish ink immersed canvas, and bitumen painted boxes containing research material and tools (on sledge), and sculptural pieces made from manipulated foraged coastal materials in varying states of submersion (in boxes on floor).

“Quest” is the culmination of work exploring submerged spaces, and materials caught in the ebb and flood. Inspired by the idea of a quest, I made expeditions to specific Thanet coastal spaces and challenged myself to make particular artefacts informed by finds at these locations. By setting objectives of working only with foraged matter and experiments with submersion I have established a new, marine palette for my materials investigation (including bitumen, cuttlefish ink, rubber, and plastic), and have created a set of narratives surrounding the objects formed, which have connections with the archaeological discoveries and mythologies embedded in the tidal sites visited.

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